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That's So Diva!

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That’s So Diva! A Teen Girl's Guide to Loving Herself and Living Beautifully reveals the true power and divine guidance that girls have within – their inner diva.

The diva, an essential guiding goddess, provides girls with powerful tools to help them positively define and embrace who they are, confidently find and use their voice, open their mind to new perspectives, make healthy choices that will positively feed their future, and minimize the drama that these years often present. 

Journaling is one of the greatest tools a teen diva can use to create and live an empowered life. Choosing to write in a journal everyday is a wonderful exercise in managing emotions, strengthening creativity, and becoming a part of the solution to the struggles in life.  It not only helps the teen diva sort out her thoughts and feelings so she will understand them more clearly; it helps her shift her perspectives so that she can better manage the challenges in her life and act on her desires and dreams. 

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Meet Andrea


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Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.

~Christian D. Larson

Andrea is a ICF accredited certified professional coach, award winning inspirational writer, speaker, and leader of empowerment programs for teenage girls. Andrea has dedicated her career to helping girls manage the confusion, challenges, and chaos of the teenage years so they can positively define and own who they are and who they want to become. 

Andrea provides girls with powerful tools to help them find their voice, gain confidence, build self-esteem, and understand the power behind their choices so they can live their most Diva AMAZING life!

Andrea believes...

  • every girl is beautiful and has a diva within.

  • every girl is brilliant and has special gifts to bring to the world.

  • beauty and success are unique to every individual and can only be defined by you.

  • even though she secretly likes to eat with her fingers, Andrea is a big believer in manners. They go a long way!

  • in the power of positive thinking, and the power that comes from consciously making positive choices that honor who you are all the way to your core - which is Diva AMAZING!

  • every girl has the power to choose how she wants to show up for the world every minute of every day.

  • in respect for all people and all things and that respect always begins with yourself.

  • in the power of grace and compassion. 

  • everyone has a story that brought them to where they are and positive power within to change that story going forward.

  • in the power of forgiveness of the self and of others. 

  • in the power of kindness and how one simple act can change the world for the receiver, the giver, and observers.

  • in becoming a part of solutions and responding to situations rather than reacting to them.

  • in the importance of character, confidence, and the power of choice. 

  • that dreams can and really do come true as long as you are willing to act on them.


From the Book

"True freedom for the teen diva begins when she steps outside of the box that has confined her and into unlimited creative space to define her unique style, brand of beauty, and success."


"The choices you make today will influence the experiences you have tomorrow. But tomorrow brings new opportunities to make new and better choices that will change your experiences with every new day that follows."



"When you understand what makes you love greatly, laugh contagiously, cry intensely, anger passionately, and be blissfully happy, you will more deeply understand who you are."


Follow Your Inner Diva

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