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Back to school!

The new school year has started! For some kids this is exciting. They are ready to get into the new school year groove, take on new and more challenging classes, and reconnect with friends they lost touch with over the summer. For others, it means anxiety about new and more challenging classes, keeping up, and fitting in. Regardless of which category your teen falls into, there are tools, tips, and tricks to help them thrive through the year.

  • Help them think through and create their vision for the school year. Talk about what it will take for them to achieve their ideal year and how you can support them in reaching their goals.

  • Sign them up for at least one extra-curricular activity. Keeping them involved in things that they are interested in also keeps them connected to other kids with similar interests. They find a place to belong and foster wonderful friendships.

  • Help them to beat overwhelm by keeping them balanced between school, friends, activities, etc..

  • Celebrate all successes with them - big and small.

  • Encourage them to be intentional every day. For example, before they begin their day ask them "What is your big win going to be today"? Then, plant the seeds for their success by reminding them of a gift that they possess within that will help them achieve that win.

  • Limit the amount of time they spend on their phones, tablets, and computers. Encourage true connection outside of the screen.

  • Help them to find at least three things at the end of the day for which they are grateful.

  • Keep the lines of communication open. Let them know they can always talk to you about anything, without fear or judgement.

  • Create a comfortable study environment at home.

  • Be the voice of confidence for your child in the way you speak to them and about them to others. Language is so very powerful! Your child will become what you believe and vocalize them to be.

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