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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Divas! New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays!  I see it as an opportunity for me to celebrate my successes from the previous year and set new goals for the future year. It’s a time for me to pat myself on the back for accomplishments, jobs well done, mistakes (Yep! I really do congratulate myself for mistakes!), and the courage it took to learn and grow from those experiences.

I’m guessing that you are asking yourself “why would she celebrate mistakes?” Well, if I’m not making mistakes, I’m not growing or learning.  If I’m not growing or learning then I am standing still. If I’m standing still it’s probably because I’m afraid. When I give my power to fear it prevents me from acting on my dreams or moving toward anything. Dreams won’t come true if action isn’t taken to make them a reality. It takes courage and will to challenge fear, to learn from mistakes, and step fully into who I am and how I want to create my year.

2018 didn't close on a high note. In fact, it took me by surprise and left me feeling puzzled, hurt, and feeling unworthy and "not enough". After trying to figure out why something happened to me and wallowing in the "what did I do to deserve THAT?" mentality, I realized that I was so focused on this event that made me sad that I was missing out on the opportunities for joy that were available to me. Opportunities to learn new things, make new friends, and create new experiences. The focus on my sadness kept me sad. I knew I needed was to change the conversation I was having with my inner critic to something more intentional and positive. I needed to focus on joy. Actually, I needed to choose joy.

My theme for 2019 is INTENTION.  I have chosen and made a promise to myself to forgive and let go. Forgive what happened and forgive myself. I am going to commit to intentional thinking and "being joy" in 2019. This type of thinking means I will commit to honoring my values, dreams, passions, and who I am at the core. It means believing that I CAN and WILL do whatever I set my mind to doing and consciously choosing to be present and experience joy on my way.  

My question for you…what is your theme for 2019? Why?  

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