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Living on Purpose

Dear Diva,

Last week I wrote about what it means to live a legacy, and I challenged you to think about the legacy you want to live this year. What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to be spoken about at the end of the year? What marks do you want to leave on the hearts and minds of those you interact with? In what ways do you want to be an inspiration or a change setter? Now, it's time to take the next step — to make the choice to live your year on purpose.

Living on purpose is the difference between saying "this is what I hope to accomplish" and "this is what I am going to accomplish" and then aligning yourself in such a way that you purposely accomplish everything with ease and grace. Living on purpose means that you intentionally choose to engage in things that bring you joy rather than things that bring you down or leave you feeling badly about yourself. Living on purpose means that you put yourself in situations that give you energy, motivation, and excitement about who you are and the year ahead. Living on purpose means that you define what success will look like for you and then take intentional actions that set you up for success.

My wish for you in this New Year, Diva, is that you choose to live your year on purpose. I send my best thoughts your way, that every choice you make will be aligned with everything that is important to you, and the choices you make leave positive marks on the hearts of everyone you encounter. The power of choice is always available to you, and that will be your key to unlocking a crazy cool and Diva AMAZING year!

With all of my deepest Diva love,


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