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Living Your Legacy

I recently spent time in conversation with a colleague about what it means to live a legacy. We began Googling on my phone and agreed that many of the definitions we found fell short of how we view a legacy. Most of the definitions we found revolved around monetary gifts and personal property. After more searching, we finally found a site with a definition that resonated with us. It defined legacy as a gift that puts a stamp on the future—something that gives a person's life meaning. Yes! I like to think of a legacy as being a life well lived. A life so well lived that the memories of an individual will carry forward with you throughout your life, make you smile, and inspire you to be and do your best.

We continued in our conversation discussing the variety of ways a person's life has meaning. Triumphs, family, career, and the ways they contribute to community all came into play in our conversation. However, after further discussion we decided that those are accomplishments, which are only a part of living a legacy. Everything we discussed came down to one common thread—living a legacy is about the way a person lives their life and the types of marks they leave on the hearts of those they encounter. How very Diva!

If you've read the book, That's So Diva! A Teen Girl's Guide to Loving Herself and Living Beautifully, you know that the original root of the word diva means goddess. Goddesses have unique gifts and a special brand of beauty with a radiant and unique spirit that is only theirs to own. They genuinely want the best for everyone and have a way of making those around them feel good, cared for, and inspired in their presence. Goddesses live legacies every day by embracing their unique beauty, gifts, and spirit, and by sharing them with the world around them.

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