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Love is the closest thing we have to magic

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a woman who was having a rough day.  She was late for her exam – an important exam that would change her year. She was lost - unable to locate where she was supposed to go and running late as a result.  I offered her a phone so she could let the facilitators of this exam know she might be a few minutes late and guided her with some directions. As she was leaving I wished her luck, gave a word of encouragement, and told her I would say a prayer for her.  

A couple of weeks later I received the most lovely hand written thank you card. Upon opening the card I saw words that touched my heart so deeply.  Words so powerful that they have been spinning in my heart and mind ever since. Words that I hope will change the hearts and minds of those reading this blog.  Those words read, “Love is the closest thing we have to magic.” Inside the card was a copy of her certification.  She passed her exams!  I felt so proud of her for moving past her stress and frantic feelings to conquer her exams, and so honored that she would share this wonderful news with me.  Even more, I felt so very blessed to have read those words.  Someone so wise, wonderful, and beautiful deserves to be acknowledged– her name is Olympia.

Jumping forward a week or so, I witnessed an entirely different situation. A young man was having “one of those days”.  We have all had them where things don’t go right from the minute we open our eyes. In the midst of his chaotic day I heard two girls snickering judgmental remarks about being unorganized and getting what he deserved.  I couldn’t help but wonder why they were celebrating and gloating about bad things happening to this young man. They didn’t know his story. They didn’t know what might have led up to him having this kind of a day.  Why would they choose to exercise negativity and judgment rather than positive power? Do they not really know how magically they may have changed his day by simply offering a wish, a prayer, and a helping hand? They had an opportunity to be a source of magic and joy for him but they chose to be cruel and judgmental – not at all helpful. How unfortunate for him and also for them. After all, what does that kind of attitude say about their character? What do you suppose that has cost them in their jobs, relationships, and overall joy?

That same day, I came across Olympia’s card again and re-read it. It occurred to me that she didn’t thank me for lending a phone or giving her directions.  She thanked me for caring. Caring goes so much deeper and means so much more.  It’s true magic! Caring and offering a wish and a helping hand has the power to turn someone’s day around – to make a difference. A phone and some written directions are nothing more than logistics.  It got me to thinking… I wonder what this world would be like if we all cared enough to instead of being defensive, angry, and hateful towards those who stir up catabolic emotions within us, whether it’s our friends, families, teachers, politicians, world leaders, etc.. and instead send a wish, a prayer, or a good intention that they find peace, healing, happiness, and wisdom.  Some might say that it sounds good in theory, but remember that theory is only theory until it is practiced.

It’s unfortunate that we are living in a world of anger, judgment, and hate. My hope is that more people like Olympia will fearlessly shine their bright light and remind us that peace is only a kind word and a helping hand away. I still think of Olympia and feel comfort knowing that there is an angel walking among us contagiously setting the example of how magical love really is.  Her words were and continue to be her wand.  Yours can be too!  

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